It’s as easy as including a link to Feel Foxy on your website! If your application is approved, simply advertise Feel Foxy on your website in whatever way works best for you – a link in a blog, a banner, a text ad, or any combination of methods. When your readers click on your Feel Foxy link, it will take them to our website, where they can shop our selection of shapewear, intimates, and figure enhancing products. If they make a purchase within 60 days, you will earn a commission of up to 10% on those sales.

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So what can you do to avoid gaining weight during the holidays? How do you stop yourself from overeating with all that delicious food staring you in the face?

Knowing exactly when to stop eating will be necessary, and we suggest you wear a Waist Cincher!

This type of binding garment acts in a very similar way to a Lap Band Surgery without the cost and associated dangers (i.e. death).

I encourage everyone who is worried about packing on the pounds this holiday season to purchase a waist cincher and take our simple six week holiday weight gain avoidance challenge!

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Butt Lift Jean Style 0248

Check out the new arrivals at Feel Foxy. We have tons of new styles of fashionable jeans! New Colombian Butt Lift Jeans Arrivals at

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Summer is almost here and swimsuit shopping has begun! Feel Foxy recently started carrying some super hot and fabulous suits so if you still haven’t found your perfect summer look, check out our Swim Shop. Here’s a sample of what you will find.

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Kim Kardashian

It is no secret that we live in a world heavily focused on appearance. Women especially are judged based on the way they look. In recent years the obsession has gotten so out of hand that a woman can’t even get through a pregnancy without anyone with an opinion commenting on her weight gain. Kim [...]

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